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How to Take Care of an Aloe Plant

Posted by: Kerrigan on: October 18, 2013

The vast majority of people I know have do not a green thumb. Their busy lives don’t allow them, or they forget to water their green friends. Then I laugh when people get and Aloe plant and water it everyday. Yup, you were committed to the plant. You watered it everyday, and gave it sunlight, and it still dies!


Photo Credit -Brykmantra

Now your thinking why would I think this is so funny. Most plants do need to be watered almost everyday, and given sunlight. The Aloe plant is a little different. The Aloe plants are succulents, and succulents are found a lot of the times in deserts. So when you water the Aloe plant every day its killing it. So here are some tips to grow one of the easy plants to take care of.


Tip 1- Water your aloe plant only when the dirt is almost 100% dry.

Tip 2- When you go to water your aloe plant make sure the soil is 100% wet.

Tip 3- Put in sunlight.

There are tons of wonderful things you can use your aloe plant for.  I will blog about some issues at a later date.




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